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Tips to Make the Gainesville Home Selling Process Easier

Choosing to sell your home can be a daunting task. The real estate market is ever changing and it helps to know how to stay ahead of the game. However, while you should learn as much as you can about the process to help move it along, the help that an experienced realtor can provide is second to none. At Rabell Realty Group, we can set you up with one of our highly experienced and trusted Gainesville real estate agents who can provide you with expert consultation every step of the way.

Home Improvements

When it comes to real estate, first impressions are crucial. The first thing potential buyers will see, whether in person or through advertising of your home, is the exterior. This alone could be enough to make them want to see the rest of your home, or send them away looking for something elsewhere. That is why it is important to perform home improvements on anything that might push away buyers or address their anticipated needs. Possible improvements include exterior repairs such as touching up paint, fixing gutters and improving the lawn for increased curb appeal. Interior renovations are also important such as kitchens and bathrooms, painting walls, addressing any cracks, holes, faulty lighting, ripped window screens, etc.

Set the Right Asking Price

Determining the right asking price for your home can be challenging, but it is important to get it right. Setting an asking price that is too high could discourage potential buyers with serious offers. Setting the price too low could attract unwanted interest and place you in negotiations that could result in you getting less than your home’s actual value. Your home’s value is determined by what the market around you is willing to pay and an experienced realtor can research the market to determine the highest price that it could go for where both you and buyers will be happy. At Rabell Realty Group, our Gainesville realtors can get you the best asking price for your home. Contact us today or complete the Free Home Evaluation form below to determine your home’s worth.

Advertising Your Home

Strategic advertising is necessary when placing Gainesville, FL, homes for sale to ensure that they reach the largest number of potential buyers. A qualified agent will be able to maximize your home’s exposure through a variety of advertising media. A great way to make a quick and lasting impact on buyers is through professional photography of your home. Professional photography will provide quality photographs that will highlight your home’s best features, emphasize its space and make it as desirable as possible. There are many real estate companies Gainesville, FL, sellers can look for, but at Rabell Realty Group we provide professional home photography services as well.

Home Staging

Home staging is used to make your home look its very best for open houses, tours and showings. You’ve put in a lot of effort into making repairs and improvements, advertising your home and getting potential buyers interested and excited, now it’s time to bring it all together by showing the property in person. Some tips to create an inviting and comfortable environment in your home to convince buyers include opening window blinds and curtains to allow as much natural light in, making sure the home is clean and tidy and adding accent tones in neutral areas with throw pillows or ornaments. The most important aspect of home staging is to make it inviting but not personal, so that buyers can imagine themselves living there. At Rabell Realty Property, our realtors have extensive experience with home staging and can help you set up your home before the showings begin.

Real Estate Agents in Gainesville, FL

When you’re ready to place your home for sale, contact Rabell Realty Group. Our realtors are experts in real estate Gainesville residents trust. We can help you through every step of the process and ensure that you receive a price for your home that you’re satisfied with.

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