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Rainy Day Activities in Gainesville

Last time you were here, we talked about fun activities for you and/or your kids to do outside but what if the weather is less than perfect? Summer in Florida may mean sunshine and rainbows to the rest of the country, but true residents know that summer is our rainy season. The weather can range from sunny, to cloudy, to storming and back to sunny all in the matter of a few minutes. With weather as unpredictable as ours, you’ll need a stock of backup ideas local to the Gainesville area for those rainy days. As always, we’ve got your back with ideas...

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10 Things to Do Outside (at your Home)

Summer is here and you know what that means: fighting boredom and heat. Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or find something to do on your staycation, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 10 ideas for outdoor activities you can do right in your own yard...

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Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Buying a new home, especially for the first time, is no easy task. There are many steps to the process, such as finding a home...

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Top 5 Parks in Gainesville

If you find yourself stuck in your car or at your desk for too long, one of the best cures for you is to go outside and get back in touch with nature...

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Where to List When Selling Your Home in Gainesville, FL

In today’s real estate market, studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin by researching online listings before contacting a Gainesville real estate agent...

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