Erin Kielb

5213 SW 91st Terrace Suite A
Gainesville FL 32608

I'm Agent Erin Kielb
Your Real Estate Professional,
Advisor, Facilitator, Representative
And Exceptional!

I do more than just list
and open doors to show homes.
I sell a lifestyle you see!
Because a home is more than a house on a street.
It’s the land, neighborhood and amenities too.
I’ll find a lifestyle that is perfect for you.
And if you’re selling then give me a holler.
My expertise will get you top dollar.
After the contract, my job has just started.
From inspections to closing, only then are we parted.
So, shoot me a text. Give me a call. Send me an email.
I check them all!
I’m Agent Erin Kielb
I search! I find! I get it done on time!

Erin serves Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding areas. She is a Michigan native and a graduate of the University of Florida.  She looks back fondly on her time as a mechanical engineer for liquid rocket engines.  And with her cheeky nature, she doesn’t mind being called a “Rocket Scientist.” 

Erin moved into the real estate profession a few years back which has afforded her a more flexible work-life balance. She continues to homeschool two of her three boys, who are quickly becoming young adults.