Welcome to the Duckpond!

A charmingly preserved slice of Old Florida, the historic Duckpond is a popular neighborhood for families and young professionals. Architecturally speaking, the neighborhood features a variety of colonial historic style homes and Victorians, some of which have been converted into multiple apartments!

Old Florida charm, walkability, peace and quiet, and proximity to downtown are just a few of the qualities that make the Duckpond a desirable place to live. Lovingly maintained homes are situated along cozy streets shaded by live oaks. 

The Thomas Center is the crown jewel of the Duck Pond district. Set in an elegantly cultivated park, the beautifully restored Renaissance-revival hotel serves the needs of local businesses and plays hosts to events. It’s also a popular place to picnic, walk the dog and bump into your neighbors.

View of the Thomas Center from the gardens. Photo by LaggedOnUser | Flickr

What's It Like Living in the Duckpond?

The Duckpond is a friendly, safe neighborhood where folks smile and wave at each other, children play outside, and people bike to and from downtown. 

It's a traditional suburban residential neighborhood in the sense that you have to get in the car or hop on your bike for most trips. On the other hand, the Duckpond is super close to the Downtown district to the west and the Grove Street area to the northwest. Between these two adjacent neighborhoods you have tons of options for dining, drinks, shops, and convenience stores. The Grove Street farmer's market (which absorbed many vendors after the pandemic shut down the farmer's market at Bo Diddley plaza) happens every Monday between 4 and 7.