Some will say it can’t be done. Some will roll their eyes and claim they’ve tried but to no avail. However, I believe, in sales, you can almost always turn a no into a yes.

1. Don’t let “No” break your spirit.
An initial "no" could turn into a maybe or YES with the right sales pitch, so be prepared with a response that combats the "no." The important thing is to not take "no" personally; don't let the "no's" distract you from earning your next "yes." Sometimes, “no” really means “not right now” or even “I don’t know.”

2. “No” is not the end of the conversation
If a buyer or seller is in contact with you, they’re interested. “No” is not the end of the conversation, it’s a negation of that particular idea. Find out why your suggestion is being rejected, and how you can accommodate to suit their needs.

3. Find out what they really need
This is where knowing why you do what you do is important. What does this person need? What do they actually want? What do you have the power to do to get them closer to their goals?

4. Know your own worth.
We love Real Estate because we love putting people in homes, helping them make the biggest purchases of their lives, and helping them accomplish more than they ever thought possible. It's our job to help people make the right choice for their investment, and protect them from potential pitfalls. Knowing why we do what we do helps us help people, and turn “no” into “YES” all day long.