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Tax Free Hurricane Prep

It’s no secret that climate change is affecting the extremes in weather, storms are getting stronger and more frequent every year. In order to help Floridians before there’s a disaster, there is a tax-free week from 5/31 to 6/9 during which you can gather all the necessary gear to protect you and your home for storm season.

Items eligible for the tax break from May 31 through June 6 are:

  • Reusable ice that costs $10 or less;
  • Self-powered light sources, $20 or less;
  • Gas or diesel fuel tanks, $25 or less;
  • Nonelectric food storage coolers, $30 or less;
  • Packs of AA-cell, AAA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt, or 9-volt batteries, $30 or less;
  • Self-powered radios, two-way radios, or weather-band radios, $50 or less;
  • Tarpaulins or other flexible waterproof sheeting, $50 or less;
  • Tie-down kits, $50 or less;
  • Portable generators, $750 or less.

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