For most of us, we’re going on week four or five of quarantine and it’s starting to wear on our moods and the ability to stay motivated. Instead of looking at the negatives that come with social distancing, let’s look at the positives. We all have things that we have been putting off due to our busy schedules outside of the home, it’s time to focus on productivity and positivity to accomplish those things. We’ve put together a few productive ways to stay upbeat during the lockdown. 

Reduce-Take a look around your home, is there a space, drawer, or closet that you know you should go through and donate a few things? Start there, put items that you no longer want to keep in a box for when good-will is open again. Cleaning out the clutter will feel good and make the space a more positive environment. 

Phone Call-Make that phone call to that person you are always too busy to call. It may be a long conversation, but now you have enough time to devote to it. You will be able to give that person all your attention. Not only will this make you fell good, but you are also making the person on the other end of the line feel good. They will feel like a priority in your life, just make that call.

Finish Project-It’s time. That project you keep putting off can now be finished. You don’t have to tackle it in one day, but instead set a goal of doing a little at a time, every day until you have finished it. You will feel accomplished when you are finished. 

Send Snail Mail-In a world full of technology, it is so easy to get away from handwritten communication. Ask yourself this, would you rather get a personalized card in the mail, or a generic email like you do all the time at work? Sending heart felt words during this uncertain time may just be what that person needs to keep their own positivity flowing. Put away that computer and get out your pen and paper. 

Deep Clean-Pick something in the house and deep clean it. You will feel productive and satisfied when this area is thoroughly cleaned. Not sure what to deep clean? Take apart the couch and really vacuum and sanitize everything. You can also deep clean your bathrooms which are getting more use than the normally do now days. Happy cleaning! 

Enjoy Quality Time-Time flies, children grow up, and relationships are strained when they are neglected. We now have the excuse to work on our relationships and spend quality time with our loved ones. Put the phones down and start a puzzle as a family. Set aside time to sit down and really talk and listen to your kids. Cook together, laugh together, and just enjoy each others company. 

Remember this is just a temporary living situation, stay positive. We will be out of this soon enough. 

Be well!