Check out some of our favorite unique Halloween costume ideas and events if you live in the Gainesville, FL area.

34th Street Wall
This is the best last minute costume idea of all time. All you need is a t-shirt you don’t care about, a marker, cardboard, and a printer. Print out a photo of the 34th street sign, attach it to a piece of cardboard and secure on a headband. If you don’t want to go that far, a green bandana tied in your hair with “34th Street” written on it will do. The rest of the costume is up to your friends, carry around some markers and encourage them to write some graffiti. (Just don’t be upset with what they write!)

Satchels Pizza Van
An icon in Gainesville culture, eating in the Satchels van is a rite of passage for any Gainesville resident. All you need for this costume is an all blue outfit, a “Satch Your Mouth” bumper sticker on your back pocket, and a VW logo affixed to a headband. Bonus points if you carry around a steering wheel or a slice of pizza. For extra style, try making a necklace or some earrings out of air fresheners. Beep Beep!

Couples Costume: DNA Bridge
This one is sure to make your friends groan. All you and your partner have to do is dress up monochromatically in red and blue outfits. When someone asks what you are, pretzel yourself around your partner to replicate the DNA bridge’s iconic architecture. Maybe add some glow sticks to look like this landmark at night!
(You might want to stretch out beforehand at a yoga class to attempt this costume. We recommend Sanctuary Yoga or Searchlight.)



“Some Were Quite Blind” - Statue Group Costume This is a strange one. If you’ve ever been on campus near the Animal Sciences area, you’ve surely seen several abstract silver structures emerging out of the grounds. This sculpture, titled, “Some Were Quite Blind,” actually represents the penile structures of four different mammals. It was erected on campus in 1988 by artist Carol K. Brown. With some tinfoil and silver clothes you’re sure to get some confused looks and maybe a couple of giggles at your next Halloween event.

Gainesville Halloween Events

So, you have your costume picked out, but where are you going to wear it?

Thankfully, we have the lowdown on all the Halloween events brewing in Gainesville for the next week and a half!

Halloween Performances

10/10 - 11/4 “Let The Right One In” at The Hippodrome Theatre
A spooky adaption of a romantic horror novel & acclaimed film, “Let the Right One In” is sure to be full of feelings and fright! Buy tickets ahead of time for the Halloween Showing for some extra spooky fun.


A night cityscape of Gainesville, Florida with the Hippodrome Theater, formerly the      U.S. Post Office and Courthouse.

“Oskar, a lonely boy living with his mother on the edge of town, is bullied at school and longing for friendship. Eli, the young girl who moves in next door, never goes to school and rarely leaves home. These two youngsters, sensing in each other kindred spirits, become devoted friends. But when a spate of sinister killings rock the neighborhood, a shocking truth tests their young friendship -and love- beyond all imaginable limits.”

10/23 The Rocky Horror Picture Show at High Dive
Come to the High Dive to experience the cult classic film the right way, with ad libs, silly fun, and live actors in front of the screen! Pro Tip: Buy the prop bags they have out front of the show to participate in some iconic movie moments. Make sure to get tickets ahead of time

10/19 -10/28 “Hairspray” at The Constans Theatre
See the talented Musical Theatre program at the University of Florida perform a nostalgic family-friendly show, sure to leave audiences smiling. 1960’s style music, comical lyrics, excellent acting, and stunning costumes - that’s what Halloween is really about right?

Halloween Family Activities

10/26 Pets on the Porch at The Hippodrome Theatre
Bring the kids and your pups to downtown Gainesville at 6:00 before Art Walk to enter a pet costume contest at the Hipp, and enjoy all the fine art Gainesville has to offer.

10/26 - 11/3 Fall Festival & Corn Maze at Roger’s Farm
A classic event hosted annually at Rogers Farm, there are plenty of activities here for any age group to enjoy from corn mazes (which become haunted after 8:00 pm) to a Zombie paintball ride. This year they’re even keeping a food truck on site if you come hungry or forget to pack junior a snack!

10/27 - 10/28 Micanopy Fall Arts and Crafts Festival
This family friendly event takes us back to a simpler time in the heart of Micanopy; live music, artists, food, and vendors, will help us celebrate these new autumn breezes, or just the fact that the temperature has dipped below 85!

Brewery Fun

10/24 Adult Trick or Treating at Swamphead Brewery
Swamphead has gone all out this year creating an entire menu of beers inspired by your childhood favorites, from Harry Potter themed stations to Willy Wonka. There’s also a costume contest! Be sure to check out the facebook to read up o n the ticketing system they’re using to streamline service this year.

10/27 ACT Halloween Ball at First Magnitude Brewing Company
This full day event features fun family friendly activities, live DJ’s, costume contests, and the best part is a portion of the proceeds goes to Alachua Conservation Trust. The only thing better than a fun time at First Mag, is knowing that you’re also supporting the beautiful outdoor spaces we have in Gainesville!

10/31 Silence of the Lambs at First Magnitude Brewing Company
This chilling thriller will be playing on the big screens at First Mag from 7:00 to 9:15. Grab all the free popcorn, Sweet Potato Stouts, and some grub from Mayflower Cellars to celebrate Halloween in style!

Spooktacular Events

10/26 - 10/31 Haunted House at Downtown Wine and Cheese
Gainesville’s favorite spot for charcuterie and rosé has been possessed by some evil drunken spirits! Apparently the transformation of the tiny house is absolutely unreal. I know I’m going to be first in line this Friday to get spooked!

9/29 - 11/3 Torment Factory at North Central Florida YMCA
We can’t discuss the spookiest haunts in Gainesville without mentioning the newest destination for fright in town. Torment Factory features over 100 live actors, two haunted houses, scare zones, an escape room, a midway, as well as food and bar vendors. “Feast of Fear” is sure to scare even the most seasoned haunted house veterans.                                                                   

Clearly this isn’t everything happening in town for Halloween. Nearly every venue has its own calendar of events, and most volunteer groups also have exciting opportunities for involvement this season. Comment below anything we missed, what your favorite Gainesville event is, and if you wear one of our quirky costumes please tag @buysellrabell on instagram so we can see!