This month for Pride we will be celebrating past customers that are proud members of the LGBTQ community to share their stories and celebrate the diversity in Alachua County.


Driving through the winding roads and canopy of Marilyn and Susie’s neighborhood, you’re transported into an oasis, escaping the heat of the Florida sun. Signs scatter the yards declaring “No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor." in three languages: Spanish, English, and Arabic. The inclusivity of the neighborhood, where people actually smile and wave to you, is one of their favorite aspects of living in Gainesville. People are jogging, walking their dogs, gathering for community events, and hanging out by the Olympic sized swimming pool in the center of the community. When they first moved in, they were greeted with multiple deliveries of roses and wine to their doorstep. This place immediately felt like home.

Trey Anderson, REALTOR® sold their previous home for them - going above and beyond to paint their kitchen, the bright purple hue was a detractor for more traditional buyers. She then found them this perfect home, shaded, spacious, and going QUICK. They saw it and bid on the same day, competing with four other buyers to secure their perfect home.

Two years later, Susie and Marilyn, as well as their adorable pups Ace and Hershey, love their home more than ever. Changing their space changed their life, they live in a peaceful harmony altogether, enjoying their shady yard and colorfully decorated interior. Their space is finally large enough to entertain, hosting surprise parties and Thanksgivings with 25 + guests. They live in an area that fully supports their ethics and values, commitment to the environment, and believes in giving back to the community.

Susie is a 911 operator, and her most prideful memory of Gainesville was during the visit from Richard Spencer in late 2017. What could have been a violent, tragic event, was a moment the Gainesville community banded together to show each other love and acceptance. Susie was on duty listening to the chants of students that drowned out the hate speech being performed on stage. 

To Susie and Marilyn, pride is a privilege. It’s patriotism in the truest form, as they are proud to be free to be exactly who they are, and say what they want to say. Pride is about visibility. It’s about gratitude for how far we have come as a society and community. It’s about celebrating rights and freedoms, and hope that we will continue to accept and encourage the diverse landscape of our great nation.

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