This month for Pride we will be celebrating past customers that are proud members of the LGBTQ community to share their stories and celebrate the diversity in Alachua County.

Kristen helped Arlene buy the lot and custom build her home 10 years ago, where she now lives with Marlin and the two kittens they just adopted. Marlin and Arlene love everything about their home, especially the space for entertaining, and the doors that open the living room to the beautifully landscaped backyard. They even have a dining table that converts into a pool table! Their home is designed for hosting all sorts of fun events, from intimate dinner parties to large family gatherings.


Arlene works in statistics for the University of Florida, and Marlin is a veterinarian; having a serene but proximal abode is important to their success and health. Their neighborhood is an oasis around a lake, just off a busy road and a short ride to downtown. It’s a surprise turning in and immediately being transported into a relaxing, slow-paced community centered around nature. Their neighborhood is a green community that prides itself on their low waste, recycling, anti-plastic practices. To Arlene and Marlin, this is one of the many aspects that makes them feel at home in their community.

To them, pride is showing the world that people are just people. It’s being fully accepted, and accepting, of who people are. We’ve come a long way from the beginning of Pride during the Stonewall riots, and it is incredible to live in a place that is so progressive and welcoming. Marlin and Arlene feel at home here, with people that share their ideals environmentally, politically, and socially. During the Gainesville Pride in October, Alachua County takes the time to celebrate its diversity and make others feel included, just as it should every day.  

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As we wrap up Pride Month and this series, we would like to take the time to express our deep gratitude for everyone that has allowed us to interview them about their homes, their thoughts on pride, and their experiences with Rabell. It has been a pleasure working with every last one of you, we look forward to watching your stories grow and continuing to share for years to come.