“Office Culture” has become a recruitment buzzword since google started creating Nap Pods, and tech startups started installing slides in their offices. This concept doesn’t actually turn your office into a daycare center - it creates a positive and productive work environment. Creating a defined “office culture” establishes behavioral standards for a company and facilitates management and employees in cultivating the desired office atmosphere.

For example, the Rabell Realty Group’s office culture is founded on “Synergy, Heart, & Hustle.”

That can genuinely be seen in every employee who steps into this office. This is manifested by conveying the message to everyone who enters our space with our actions and words, as well as by recruiting those who already embody those desired attributes. We work in an open office, which creates a collaborative atmosphere. We give back to our community and do our best to support each other by promoting everyone’s work and showing up to support at every opportunity we’re given. We have monthly meetings, informational sessions, group lunches, after work volunteer events - all with the intention of growing together and strengthening our community. 




Not to mention, we're paperless - going green in 2019, AND dog-friendly.

The emphasis on our culture has turned a competitive market into a collaborative opportunity to mentor and grow with each other. How will you grow your office culture to create a team atmosphere in 2019?