KonMari has taken over the internet. My mother just called asking if my prom dress still sparks joy, or if she can finally clear it out of her storage unit.

The world has been downsizing in a radical act against consumerism, and I for one am here for it. The Minimalist movement, Marie Kondo, the 2017 film Downsizing, and the era of Tiny Homes - they all reinforce the idea that we do not have to subscribe to the antiquated ideas of accumulating things as a representation of wealth and success. Your value is not embodied in the square footage of your home, or the pairs of shoes in your closet.


By releasing ourselves of these standards, we can live within our means and use what we actually need, rather than what society has implied we need in order to be perceived as successful.

But this concept isn't limited to material possessions, it's about living in a way that frees your mind. What is holding you back? What do you actually need?

Questions like this have led many people into real estate careers. They realize being chained to a desk and climbing the corporate ladder is limiting their creative freedom and earning potential. Maybe its time to KonMari your career and look into getting your real estate license.