It’s November 22nd, you’re sitting on the couch - stomach bulging, pants unbuttoned, the sedative combination of turkey and Grandma’s pecan pie cloud your vision as your eyelids droop, softly slipping into a peaceful slumber. Suddenly, the horrific notion jolts you awake, now it’s officially Christmas season. This behemoth holiday was fun when you were six, but now you’re the one stuck planning activities, buying and wrapping presents, arranging for pictures with Santa, and trying to not claw your eyes out all just to make your family smile.




Don’t be that person this year.

Take a chill pill, and check out “Light the Village” at the Haile Village center. The charming community of residents, business owners, local families, and college students all gather in the Village Center on November 30th to celebrate the season with live music, hot cocoa, food from Village restaurants and Food Trucks, and activities for the kids. There are train rides and horse-drawn carriages, face painting, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him how good you’ve been this year. Businesses open their doors to the public, so you can network or just enjoy some snacks and meet some new people! Who doesn’t love new friends?

Your family is sure to be impressed with your local event knowledge, and beyond entertained with the evening’s itinerary, so save yourself the post-turkey panic, and mark your calendar today for Light the Village. And remember to turn the oven off before you take that nap.

Sweet dreams, you incredible overachiever.