Did you know that home organization is trending? Yep, you heard that correct, creating a neat, color coordinated space is now a thing! And…We’re not mad about it, in real estate this is something we always stress to our sellers. A home buyer will be more inclined to buy a home that isn’t cluttered. We put together some easy tips and tricks to organize spaces in your home. 

The Fridge-Start by cleaning out the entire fridge, yes take everything out. This will give you an opportunity to see the space you’re working with and get rid of all those old sauce bottles you’ve been holding onto for way too long. Group like items and then zone out your fridge. It will also help you if you put items into containers, this will keep items in their proper zones. You can also label or write expiration dates on your containers. Organizing your fridge like this, not only looks pretty, but it makes it easier when you are making your grocery list. 

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The Pantry-Just like the fridge, think categories. Since items are much larger and the categories are broader, make sure that they are not too specific. Examples of categories are Breakfast, Snacks, Dinner, etc. When you buy containers and bins, make sure that you grab a few large bins for bulk items. Organize your bins and containers accordingly, it may be smart to put snacks on a shelf that your kiddos can easily reach. Now it’s time to label, this adds a layer of instructions making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.    

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The Closet-First, it is time to purge, if you haven’t worn something with in a year, you probably never will. Create a pile to donate. After you have sorted through everything its time to start sectioning off your closet. Start organizing by seasons. Grab a few clear bins for summer and winter, you’ll place these on a high shelf until the weather changes. After you have sectioned off your closet, organize your sections by color. Think rainbow order, this not only looks pretty, it also will help streamline your daily routine. 

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Happy organizing! If you use any of these tips, please share a photo with us. We were inspired by the hit show Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix.