Are you sad that your little ones aren’t bringing home any cute Easter crafts? Now is the best time to do some fun crafts together on the patio! We have put together a few crafts that can be done with what you already have inside your craft closet. 

Egg carton chicks-Cut each egg compartment of the carton into squares. Then glue a top and bottom together. Have your little one paint the body of the chick yellow. Then cut little orange triangles out for the beak and glue it on. Add two googly eyes or use black paint to paint the eyes on. Your little one will have fun playing with his or her creations. 

Potato Egg Stamps-If you have some extra potatoes in the house, this craft is fun for the little ones under 4. Take egg shaped potatoes, cut them in half. Then with the knife, carve designs into the halves. These can now be used at stamps. Have your kids stamp them into paint and then onto paper. 

Paper Plate Easter Baskets-Give each child a paper plate and some brown paint. Have them paint the back of the paper plate brown and then let it dry. If your child is not handy with scissors, help them cut out the center/circle of the plate. Then cut the circle in half and set aside. Take colored construction paper and cut out a few egg shapes. Now its time to glue everything! Take your semicircle and turn it so the flat side is facing up and glue it to the back of the place, brown side facing the painted open circle side. Now your basket is done, you can now glue on the eggs.

Sock Bunny-Do you have old socks, or socks that have lost their matching friend? You’ll need a sock and some rubber bands, scissors, cotton balls and markers for this craft. The top of the bunny will be the head. Stuff the sock with cotton balls, then take a rubber band to section off a larger portion for the body. Then take the second rubber band to section off the head leaving the extra fabric at the top. You will now cut the extra fabric into floppy ears. Have you child draw on the eyes and mouth. 

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!