There are many different features that are being offered today on the market that classify a home as being “smart”. Weseman Homes and Renovations is building homes in Grand Oaks, here in Gainesville, with top of the line smart home features. 

What comes standard with the home: 

Smart Home Security-Control your home’s security from the palm of your hand. Equipped with a top rated app, you will be able to manage and control the security system from anywhere. You will have complete visibility of your home and control all entry points of your home. Forget to lock a door? No problem, with the app you will be able to lock the doors and controls the garage door. 

Energy Management-Living in Florida can cause high energy bills as you turn up the AC to cool your home. When you purchase a home in Grand Oaks, your home will come equipped with intelligent energy management, and will help you save money. The smart home system learns your activity patterns and automatically adapts and changes your thermostat.

Indoor Surround Sound-Your home will come with a Sonos Sound Beam and ceiling speakers in the living room for an at home theater experience. 

Optional add ons: 

Video Monitoring-You home will come equipped with a video monitoring system, including a video monitoring doorbell. You will be able to view live video and record a video at anytime. 

Alerts-Customize your app to let your home notify you what’s happening at your home in real-time. The app will alert you when a package is being delivered with its advanced monitoring solutions. 

Motion Sensor-You smartphone will also come equipped with a motion sensor that takes a snapshot of your home with on-demand views and high quality images. 

Smart Lighting-Did the kids forget to turn off the lights in the playroom? No worries, you will be able to turn on and off lights from the smart home app.

Be at ease knowing that this system doesn’t just alert you if an alarm is set off, it is constantly monitoring your home and will notify what’s happening at your home at anytime.