A Gainesville landmark, the Gator Garage, exudes old world charm and top notch service. The orange and blue building is eye-catching and captures the spirit of the Gainesville community. It’s also the only gas station in Gainesville that offers Rec Fuel, an ethanol free fuel to be used in recreational/marine engines and aviation engines.

Reviews boast, “I love Gator Garage, it is like a step back in time: a small, independently owned, neighborhood gas station.  And as best as I recall, it was here when I moved here to go to school in the '70s.” & “it's so nice to do business with a "regular guy" vs. a BP or a Shell or any one of the other evil empires.”


This Gainesville relic could be an opportunity for any aspiring business owner with a passion for cars and the community. The trusted owner and mechanic is closing up shop and putting it up for sale with Rabell Realty Group, it’s time for a new adventure. If you’re interested, please contact us at (352) 642-8518.