During this time, most of us have been asked or mandated to stay in out homes until further notice. Luckily, we are allowed to leave our homes and walk, run, bike, and hike. Here in Gainesville, we have a ton of beautiful areas to explore and hike.

Sweet Water Wetlands Park consists of over 125 acres of natural wildlife conservation. You can walk about 3 1/2 miles on a gravel path through the wetlands and ponds. Did you know that Sweetwater was created to help improve the water quality in Paynes Prairie? How neat!

What might you see at Sweetwater? Glad you asked, there are many indigenous species that live at Sweetwater. You will definitely see many different species of birds. Depending on the temperature and what season it is, the gators are usually out and about. There are also wild horses, yes horses!

This is a great place to take the family, you can even play a game to see who can spot the most gators! Pro tip, if you have not been to Sweetwater before, the wildlife tends to hang out in the back half of the park.

The park also hosts events and guided tours, as of right now everything has been canceled. For future scheduling please use this website: https://www.sweetwaterwetlands.org/activities

Have a great hike!