They say the sandwich was invented at the card table, but there’s no need to gamble with your next sandwich decision when our Florida Realtor B has the buzz on what’s on the buns!

1. Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe

And what a sweet life it is when you enjoy a sandwich on freshly baked bread, roll, or croissant. Tucked away on the NW side of 34th, the freshness of Dolce Vita’s menu is perfection. The Appletini and London Broil are consistent crowd pleasers!

2. Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan’s on 13th is a Gainesville sandwich staple. Many a local can tell you their go-to order by heart! 6, 8, or 12 inches, cold or pressed (pressed is the best!), the variety, freshness, and volume are sure to impress. A meatball sub at the bar with a pint is perfect for these cooler temps!

3. Piper Gis

This spot is newer to town, but not short on taste and quality. Their downtown location has outdoor seating and is just a short walk from the courthouse. A look at their menu will surely have you struggling to choose just one, but you can’t go wrong with The Thanksgiving or the Big Sexy.

4. Fast Eddie’s

This is an Eastside institution and a locally-owned restaurant, who routinely gives back to the community they serve. Fast Eddie’s opens early at 6 a.m. and has a drive-thru making it the perfect stop for a breakfast sandwich or two!  A sausage link and egg sandwich on toast is sure to put a little rise in your shine!

5. Francesca’s Trattoria

Located just off NW 43rd ST near Thornebrook, Francesca’s has a great selection of lunch choices, including what seems like a gazillion delicious panini options. If you’re overwhelmed with choices, their Chicken Milanese is perfection!

Bilinda’s at it again, dropping that local foodie knowledge you were all craving.
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