This week I sat down with the affable Tara Mace, the Transaction Coordinator here at Rabell Realty Group. We are dedicating some of our energy to understanding the incredible value we offer here at RRG, and Tara's expertise is certainly on that list.

When asking Tara what exactly her position entails, she details "REALTOR® Is a brand - within that, you can define what you do." Simply put, the Realtor trademark merely identifies that the person using it is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Though Tara does facilitate actions of buying and selling houses as a REALTOR® Sales Associate, her asset to Rabell extends beyond that position. Tara has a history as a Licensed Title Agent that gives her an in-depth knowledge of contracts used in real estate transactions.

Tara is highly detail-oriented and conscientious, she has an apt perspective of both sides of contracts and understands the complex verbiage that can baffle even the most experienced Realtors. She is a resource and friend to every realtor here at Rabell Realty Group. Tara understands when a transaction isn't going according to plan and can accommodate the needs of agents and customers before they arise by taking preventative action, and providing crucial guidance. She helps prepare agents with information to have clear and accurate communication with their customers. Her familiarity with procedures on all sides of transactions is invaluable to us and her customers.

Tara describes her self as the world's best sleep aid: "When you start to lose sleep over your transactions, that's when you need me."

Thank you for all that you do here at Rabell Realty Group Tara, you're the cat's meow.