Home buyers and home sellers have different responsibilities, but they share one common task crucial for preparing properties to leave or enter the market: decluttering. Both buying and selling a home usually involve moving out of an old place and into a new one. Decluttering makes packing and relocating easier by stripping the house down to the essential items and giving owners a close estimate of how much space they will need in their new home. These tips from Gainesville real estate agents can help make decluttering seem less daunting.

Limit What You Bring Home

The months before a move are the time to become more selective than ever with things being brought into the house. Before making a purchase, question whether you want the item because of a true necessity or mainly its aesthetic or sale price. Don’t buy anything you don’t need immediately, especially if you are looking for a home for sale in Gainesville, FL, and don’t know how much storage space it will have. Similarly, don’t accept promotional items and miscellaneous trinkets given out at events if you don’t want them. Give them to someone else instead of taking them home and letting junk piles grow. Resist the temptation of buying extra storage products (such as shelves and containers) to help with organization, as it signifies you’re not doing a good job at letting things go.

Create Systems for Decluttering

The easiest way to declutter without stress is to start early and make it a habit. Come up with a system to remind yourself to purge regularly. For example, for every item you bring home, take one or two out. Or, use the calendar to keep track of your wardrobe. If a piece of clothing useful only during a portion of the year makes it through the season unworn, remove it from your closet. Keep a box or bag for donations nearby, add to it throughout the year, and take it to a charity or consignment store when it fills up.

Sort Your Belongings

Empty every closet, drawer and cabinet in the house, one by one. Classify all your belongings into three piles: keep, toss and donate. Throw away anything that cannot be repaired or that you haven’t touched in a year. If you forgot you owned it, you probably don’t need it. Consider selling or donating items that still work but you don’t use anymore. This could be clothing that you no longer like or fit into and any other item or device of which you have more than one model and only use the newest one, such as electronics. Profits from sales and the joy of helping somebody in need without asking for anything in return are great incentives to get rid of stuff. The sooner you eliminate clutter, the sooner you can add the property to the list of Gainesville, FL, homes for sale.

Identify the Irreplaceable

Limiting the amount of items you put sentimental value on can help make ridding your house of things you don’t use significantly easier. That said, don’t stress thinking you have to throw everything away. Most clutter is a collection of things that can be replaced. So, identify the things you couldn’t find anywhere else, such as photos, letters and family heirlooms, and store them safely in a labeled box. After that, you can decide what else you can afford to keep depending on available space.

Work With Gainesville Real Estate Agents

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