We’re all trying to figure out this new normal. It is especially hard to be stuck indoors during holidays as we are used to attending church, brunch, or even an Easter egg hunt. Here are a few simple things you can do indoors to keep the holiday alive: 

Online Church Service-A lot of churches have turned to the internet to broadcast their church services. Some are live streaming the service, while others are prerecording them to post to YouTube. If your church does not have the ability to do this, head to Google and search for churches that are offering live Easter services. 

Video Chat-You can schedule a virtual hangout with family and friends on Easter. There are several apps like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Zoom that allow people to connect through their screens. You can organize a virtual Easter brunch with the grandparents! 

Dress Up-We’ve all been wearing yoga pants and comfy clothes while in quarantine, why not put on your Easter best?! Not only will it make you feel better to get out of those unwashed sweats you’ve been wearing on repeat, you will enjoy wearing that pretty dress when you take a trip form the living room to the kitchen. You can also get a great family portrait in the backyard or front porch to remember Easter in quarantine. 

Dye Those Eggs-This is always a fun activity for the kids. If you are able to snag an extra dozen, make this activity fun! Use things around the house to decorate the eggs: painters tape can be used to create designs before dying them, Kool-Aid powder can be used as a dye, and kids can use items from the arts and craft closet to decorate them. 

Easter Recipe-Keep the tradition alive! Your mother-in-law always makes those tasty deviled eggs for brunch, why cant you? Call her to get the recipe and then make them yourself. It will make your family feel closer. 

Egg Hunt-The kids may be disappointed that they don’t get to have their annual Easter egg hunt at school or church, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create one for them. You can order some plastic eggs online for pick up or delivery, then fill them with candy. Don’t forget it’s always fun to hide a golden egg! Make a completion out of it, who ever finds the golden egg, gets to pick out what movie to watch on Netflix later. 

New Tradition-Use Easter in quarantine as an excuse to start a new tradition. Bake a bunny cake, or come up with a fun Easter game. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, head to Pinterest for inspiration. 

Have a hoppy and healthy Easter! 

Be well.