Benefits of Carpet, and Carpet during the Coronavirus Outbreak

I’m sure you have heard, Carpet is out and hard floors are in. Yes, hard floors may be more appealing to some, but there are actual benefits of having carpet in your home. 

When dirt, dust, and other particles settle to the ground, they just sit on the surface of hard floors. You can sweep, vacuum, and mop, but these cleaning tools don’t always get every particle off the floor. They are then left to circulate every time someone walks or create movement. 

Carpet traps these unwanted particles that can cause indoor allergies, and create poor air quality. In order for carpet to be beneficial, it is important that carpet is properly maintained. This means, having your carpets cleaned regularly. It is recommended that carpets should be cleaned every year. If you have pets, or an area that has heavy traffic, you can clean them two to three times a year. 

We recommend using a professional service that uses green cleaners or cleaners that are meant for carpets. Using products that are not meant for the carpet will damage it, and over time will become a poor filter for your home. 

Now, let’s talk about carpet and COVID-19. I am sure many people are worried that their soft surfaces in their home are trapping the virus from their shoes or other items that could have possible come in contact with the virus. 

The CDC recommends that soft porous surfaces should be cleaned with appropriate cleaners indicated for carpets, rugs, cloth furniture, and drapes. They also recommend that hot water is used when cleaning these surfaces. If you are able to toss these items into the wash, it is recommended as a secondary precaution agains the virus. 

Stay well!