The fall season allows sellers to stage and decorate their homes in a unique way for buyers. However, it is very important that they keep the designs subtle to avoid cluttering the space and deterring buyers that may not share the same enthusiasm for the holiday season. You do not want the main focus of the house to be fall decorations, but the best features and selling points of your home.

Fresh Coat of Paint

This decorating tip is definitely not specific to the fall season, but will always help refresh a space. Neutral tones are usually your best bet for staging a home, because colors can be easily incorporated with decor. Shades like creams and off-whites would be a good choice to keep simplicity and create a warm and comforting environment for potential buyers touring the home.

Fall Wreaths and Florals

Add some variety to your porch or garden by planting flowers with seasonal fall colors. A few of the best plants that thrive during this time of the year are mums, pansies, violas, asters, and goldenrods.

To spice up your entryway even more and make your home appear more inviting, think about buying or creating your own wreath with decor such as flowers, leaves, pinecones, and acorns to hang on your front door.

Fall Florals on Coffee Table
Fall florals on coffee table | Photo by Chris Vasquez on Unsplash

Emphasize Coziness

When selling your home during the fall season, it is usually ideal to make your space feel as comfortable and inviting as possible. A few ways that this cozy space can be achieved is by adding comfortable plush pillows, fluffy throw blankets and lighting a few decorative candles to create that cozy ambience.

Fall Table Setting
Fall table setting | Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Incorporate Seasonal Scents

Seasonal scents help tie the fall decor elements together when staging a home. Whether that’s burning a fall scented candle, putting some cookies or an apple pie in the oven, or making apple cider on the stovetop, these fall scents should do the trick in creating sentimental and nostalgic memories of home.

Pinecones and Acorns

For a very natural looking aesthetic, pinecones and acorns are a simple and affordable way to dress up a space for the fall season. You could use natural pinecones and acorns that fall from trees, as they are usually quite abundant in the fall season, or you could buy them at your local craft store. Putting these in vases, bowls, or garlands can help give the space an effortless rustic look.

Fall Coffee Table
Fall coffee table idea | Photo by Samira Rahi on Unsplash

Fireplace Mantles

The fireplace mantle is a great place to create a focal point in your home with some simplistic and tasteful fall decorations. Take advantage of a few of the bigger statement decorations you have to draw the visitors attention to the mantle, but remember not to go overboard to avoid the space looking cluttered or tacky.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you enjoyed these tips for decorating your home for Fall when it is going on the market! Remember to keep it simple and focus on accentuating the most important features of your home.