Where to List When Selling Your Home in Gainesville, FL

Where to List When Selling Your Home in Gainesville, FL

In today’s real estate market, studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin by researching online listings before contacting a Gainesville real estate agent. These statistics reveal that in order to successfully sell your house, it is advantageous to make sure that you not only find a website to list your house but that it is the most effective website to post your home for sale.

Qualities of a Superior Gainesville Home Listing Site

Though there are countless real estate websites for you to choose from, make sure you choose one of the best listing sites to sell your home. Here are a few important elements that you should look for before making a final decision:

Plenty of Exposure

When you are searching through options, look for sites that regularly have traffic to increase your exposure. The more prospective buyers who see your listing, the higher your chances of finding an interested party. Additionally, verify the success rate of the website before you list your house. Quality trumps size so even if a real estate company may be large and well known, they may not specialize in selling houses in your area. Rabell Realty Group, for instance, is a local real estate agency and thoroughly understands the Gainesville housing market.

High Quality Pictures

When listing your home for sale, your goal should be to advertize your house in the best way possible. This includes making sure that your home can make an outstanding first impression. Because of the high numbers of buyers who will look at properties online before visiting, your post should positively reflect the value of your house. While some websites are filled with blurry and unflattering pictures, other agencies provide professional photography services. Professional photographers know how to frame each room in order to display specific features.

Dedicated Team

While many websites will allow you to post a listing for your house, that is where the service ends. They will not make any effort to promote your property or find potential offers. In contrast, other real estate companies will make your priorities their priorities. Try to find a team that has enough time to invest in promoting your listing and tracking down potential offers. Larger companies simply do not have the same time or commitment.

Popular Gainesville Listing Websites

It can be difficult to differentiate between real estate websites and truly understand what they have to offer. Continue reading for an overview of several different platforms to list your home in Gainesville, FL, on.


Anyone has spent time on the web researching real estate has heard of Zillow. However, the large number of listings and clients can make it quite difficult to reach a representative on the phone and some requests for actions are never answered. Any negative customer reviews can become hidden among the other large number of comments making it difficult to get an accurate idea of the company.


Though Craigslist is typically reserved for furniture, electronics and cars, it also posts a large assortment of houses for sale. While the website has a large number of visitors, the high volume of content can cause listings to easily become buried among others. In order to effectively sell your house on Craigslist, you will have to continue to post everyday.

Rabell Realty Group

At Rabell Realty Group, you will find experienced realtors and real estate agents who can help you throughout the entire process. We prioritize customer’s needs over our own so when buyers visit our website, they can view all of the houses for sale in the area and not just the ones we are selling to help them find their dream home. From an accurate home evaluation and staging to dedicated marketing and representation throughout the closing process, Rabell Realty Group will ensure you have a positive experience.