Tips Regarding Restoration Contractors

Tips Regarding Restoration Contractors

If you have never experienced some type of damage to your property (a flooded home from a broken pipe, tree or wind damage from inclement weather, a dryer fire, etc.) during your lifetime, you may be unfamiliar with the process of getting your property restored to its pre-loss condition. Do I call a roofer? A Handyman? A regular general contractor? Do I have to call my insurance first? There are specific contractors that specialize in restoring structural damage from natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances. They are restoration contractors that hold a General Contracting license. In other words, they are “specialized” general contractors. They’re sort of analogous to going to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor instead of just your General Care Physician for specific medical issues.

Who A Restoration Contractor Is

Restoration contractor is a very broad term. A GC license is not a prerequisite for calling oneself a “Restoration Contractor.” Anyone from your neighbor next door who up and decides one day to pick up a hammer and start doing restoration work--to your plumber down the street who sees the potential money-making venture in drying out flooded properties--can call themselves a restoration contractor. Living in Florida opens up another layer of concern when selecting a restoration contractor. Many fly-by-night companies spring-up surrounding catastrophic events such as hurricanes--capitalizing on vulnerable properties owners that are victims of nature’s destruction. If this wasn’t enough, with legal loopholes manifest in Assignment of Benefits (AOBs) and plumber referral kick-backs in the state of Florida, Floridians are subject to many dangers when selecting a restoration contractor. Unfortunately, many contractors are in the property damage restoration business solely for the money. For those unfamiliar with an AOB, it is where a restoration contractor gets homeowners to unwittingly sign away their rights to negotiate their insurance claim. This allows the contractor essentially “Power of Attorney” over the claim so they can substantially increase the cost of the claim--causing your insurance company to either have to pay it or face litigation. Contractors can also come back on the homeowner and put a lien on their home if the insurance company decides not to pay the full-cost of the claim. Some restoration companies also pay plumbers exorbitant referral kick-backs whenever a plumber refers them to their customer who had a leaky pipe. Scary, right?

Dreyer’s DKI Restoration Services

As a result of the unethical undercurrent which characterizes the restoration industry, particularly in Florida, at Dreyer’s DKI, we are in this business to essentially “boycott” the common practices of our counterparts and instead help property owners recover after a loss through honest and ethical means. Of course, we have to make money to stay in business and pay our employees, but we follow IICRC guidelines and do our best to keep the cost of a claim as low as possible through rapid-response during emergency situations and using the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. We are an approved program vendor for numerous insurance carriers in Florida and pride ourselves on transparency. All of our jobs are willingly tracked and held accountable through our project management software, which contains up-to-date pictures and notes through every step of the restoration process. This information is cloud-based and shared with customers’ insurance agents and adjusters via a Job Link, which allows their agent or adjuster to view the progress of the job at anytime. Our repair estimates are highly detailed and follow current insurance industry guidelines. There are no hidden fees or line items.

In addition to our transparency and core values, we are certified in the state of Florida to teach continuing education classes to insurance industry professionals and do this through classroom training. Additionally, we work with local fire departments and municipalities to do simulated burns for insurance agents as part of our continuing education program. We believe in giving back to the communities we serve and do this through various non-profit organizations like Habitat For Humanity and The Fisher House of Gainesville. With over 39 years experience in the restoration and floor cleaning industry as a family-owned company, Dreyer’s DKI is poised to be your go-to restoration contractor in the unfortunate event you sustain property damage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to major repairs and water mitigation (dry-out), we also specialize in mold and biohazard remediation and carpet and tile cleaning. Whenever disaster strikes, choose a local restoration contractor you can trust and who will be in Gainesville for decades to come!

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