Tips On Selling A Home In Gainesville

Tips On Selling A Home In Gainesville

With so many homes for sale in Gainesville, how can a seller make theirs stand out and sell quickly? Along with working with the real estate professionals at Rabell Realty Group, it often comes down to the planning done before listing a home for sale. Here are five easy tips to keep in mind when selling your home in Gainesville, FL.

Home Seller's Guide

Price For The Buyer, Not The Neighbors

When it’s time to set the asking price on a home for sale in Gainesville, FL, many people set it based on what other homes in the neighborhood have asked. Call it conventional thinking or otherwise but it’s not often the neighbors are going to buy your home. Nor is following their pricing going to make the home stand out to prospective buyers. Lowering the asking price 5 percent to 10 percent will be conspicuous but without buyers asking what’s wrong with the home.

Draw Attention With Gardens & Greenery

You already know the importance of curb appeal, especially for the front landscaping. But what about the backyard? Whether it’s a full English garden or a patio area with a few flower planters, behind the house is usually one of the last things a prospective buyer sees. Yet it shouldn’t be an afterthought when selling a home. If you don’t have time to get it ready, hire a landscaping company to do the work.

Clean Then Clean Again

Selling a home in Gainesville often comes with two stages of cleaning. First is the deep cleaning before buyers begin wandering through and imagining themselves in the home. Then comes cleaning done after the open house is over but before the next one begins. Wipe off counters, mirrors, doors, and other surfaces usually touched, whether on accident or purpose, to keep the home shining. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional cleaning company to help out between showings.

Don't Be A Fixer-Upper

Sellers usually don’t plan on their home being a fixer-upper to prospective buyers unless it was the plan from the start. Before your home is added to the current Gainesville, FL homes for sale, make sure it’s in tip-top condition. All systems, such as electrical and HVAC, should work and structural issues addressed and repaired. The more you fix before buyers start calling, the quicker it’s likely to sell and on the terms you want.

Set A Deadline

When do you want to have your home sold by? It sounds like a silly question but many sellers either have an extremely vague deadline or one that's unrealistic. Rabell Realty Group's Gainesville real estate agents will help you determine a practical time frame and create a plan to meet the deadline.

Gainesville, FL Homes For Sale

When it’s time to sell a home, as a seller, your to-do list sounds endless. But an easy way to shorten that list is by working with Rabell Realty Group who have the Gainesville real estate experience and skills to quickly sell your home! Our agents work side-by-side with each customer to create an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and have your home sold in no time!