Tips for Choosing Your Starter Home

Tips for Choosing Your Starter Home

Something first-time home buyers have to think about is whether they are looking for a “starter” home or a “forever” home. This decision depends on how defined their plans for the future are and their level of interest and involvement in the real estate market. Nonetheless, life can take unexpected turns, so it’s always a good idea for buyers to align their house-hunting choices with the possibility of living in it for a few years and then putting it on the market. If this is the first time you are looking to buy a home in Gainesville, FL, these tips can help you score your ideal starter property.

Find a Buyer’s Agent

Don’t make the rookie mistake of simply contacting the agents whose names are listed with Gainesville, FL homes for sale you are interested in. Those are the sellers’ agents, who will likely be working with the sellers’ best interest in mind. Contact a different person within the listing agency or get recommendations from friends who have recently bought homes in that area to find an agent who will represent you – and only you.

Set a Budget & Stick to It

Before falling in love with houses, take time to carefully calculate how much money you can afford to spend on one. Don’t forget to account for closing costs. A home’s listing price may look like a steal, but it does include the cost of insurance, home inspections, appraisals, attorney services, filing and transportation of documents, prepaid interest and miscellaneous fees. Agents with Rabell Realty Group can outline costs that may slip your mind and help you set a budget.

Consider Maintenance & Remodeling

While looking at homes for sale in Gainesville, FL, make sure you know what will be easy to fix and what won’t. Rabell real estate agents can provide insight on which features and finishes are inexpensive to fix or remodel and which ones could become major projects. They can advise you to not turn down a good house for a few turn-offs that are fixable or, on the flip side, move into a home planning to do remodeling you can’t afford. Also, think about the level of maintenance each house would require depending on its size and features and whether you will be willing to put in the time, money and effort.

Prioritize Location

Try your best to score a property in an ideal location, even if the house is not the prettiest. The popularity of certain home features and decorative styles fluctuates with time and personal preferences, but things like proximity to amenities, well-maintained properties and a good school district will always be relevant. Realtors in Gainesville recommend picking a home in a location convenient for you but also thinking about potential buyers’ perspectives in case you decide to sell the house in the future. Agents with Rabell can guide you to local neighborhoods, inform you about upcoming developments and recommend locations compatible with your lifestyle.

Work With Gainesville Real Estate Agents

Don’t waste extra time and effort hunting on your own for homes for sale Gainesville, FL real estate agents know well. At Rabell Realty Group, it is our job to know about the latest market conditions and government regulations so you don’t have to look them up. We can find properties that suit your requirements, show you the most promising ones and help you determine your budget, get financing and make a purchase offer. To step closer to living in your dream home, contact us today!