The Goodwood House - Archer, FL

The Goodwood House - Archer, FL

In 1872, a team of mules hauled native, 400-year-old Longleaf Pine down to the local sawmill, and then back to the land where it grew to construct what would first be used as a boarding house. Over the years, and only two owners later, it has transformed into a charming 2,500 square foot, 4-bedroom home.

Surrounded by 100s of Amaryllis, Camellias, Azaleas, Walnut trees and plenty of bird action, it’s no surprise that both owners had a green thumb and a love of nature. There’s also a great workshop just behind the house that any hobby enthusiast could appreciate.

This home is waiting for its third owner to continue its ever-evolving story and put their own touch of character on it. If you think you might be a good fit, please contact me, Realtor® Angela Doughty, to schedule a showing at (352)514-1408.

*Please note that the home's new price of $200,000

The Goodwood House in Florida
The Goodwood House in Archer, FL
The Goodwood House in Archer
Archer, FL The Goodwood House

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