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What Makes Up Your Credit Score

As of 2014, the average household income in Gainesville is $58,187.

In 2015, Kelley Blue Book said the average price of a new car is over $33,000.

And today, the median listing price of a home in Gainesville is $219,000.

So how do people buy homes and cars while taking care of their day-to-day living expenses?

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Tips For Selling Your Home In 2018

As 2018 moves into full-swing, so does the housing market. This year may be no different for many sellers and buyers in Gainesville and other parts of the country. But for many sellers ...

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Take a walk! With Artwalk Gainesville

Great things are happening in Gainesville, Florida! The Downtown Gainesville cityscape is changing every day - with new parks, cafes, breweries, restaurants, museums and neighborhoods popping up overnight - and one of the BEST ways to experience our city's lively, pedestrian-friendly urban core is by coming out to Artwalk Gainesville.

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Tips for Choosing Your Starter Home

Something first-time home buyers have to think about is whether they are looking for a “starter” home or a “forever” home. This decision depends on how defined their ...

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Tips For Selling Your Home in the Winter

It’s an old wives’ tale that it’s hard to sell a home in the winter, but it does take a teeny bit more planning. In fact, selling your home in the winter gives you the ...

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