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Navigating the real estate world isn’t mind-boggling when you work with the team at Rabell Realty Group! We bring years of experience and adept skills to our full-service real estate approach, from buying and selling homes to real estate investments and property management. To have an enjoyable real estate experience in Gainesville, FL, contact Rabell Realty Group today!

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  • Phone: (352) 559-8820
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Realtors in Downtown Gainesville


Helping You Buy A Home In Gainesville, FL

Whether this is the first time you've decided to buy a home in Gainesville, FL or not, the team at Rabell Realty Group wants to help make the buying process easy! House hunting can be exciting and overwhelming all at once but it doesn’t need to be. Our Gainesville realtors help buyers every step of the way, from discussing financing options to deciding on must-have features in your new home.

We understand you have a daily life to also focus on. That’s why Rabell Realty Group takes the time to find homes suitable for your wants and needs. But our customer-first approach doesn't end there. Our team researches similar homes in the same neighborhood to determine an appropriate purchase offer. When negotiations begin, you can count on us to make sure you receive favorable terms to close the sale. At Rabell Realty Group, your best interest becomes ours the moment you contact our realtors in Gainesville, FL.

Sell A Home In Gainesville

If you'd like to add your home to the list of Gainesville homes for sale, you're in the right place! At Rabell Realty Group, it’s our belief the decision to sell a home shouldn’t be followed by a daunting process. Our team strives to help sellers any way we can — from creating a stellar marketing plan to handling all final closing paperwork. Your goal of finding your dream home is ours even after you’ve moved in.

To effectively sell a home in Gainesville, you have to know the nuances and intricacies that make it stand out among similar homes for sale. At the beginning of our conversations, you’ll find Rabell Realty Group digs in to get to know your home. We look for the little details that make it appealing to a range of potential buyers. We build a marketing plan specific to the home, using MLS® listings along with effective internet marketing for broad visibility. This dedication means your home won’t languish on the market, instead selling quickly and at market value.

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Invest In Gainesville Real Estate

The Gainesville real estate market presents a dynamic opportunity for any real estate investor. Long known as a college town, Gainesville, FL has instead grown into a robust city filled with many start-ups and established companies. In turn, the demand for housing provides investors a great starting point, regardless of investing experience. As seasoned realtors in Gainesville, our team is happy to leverage its knowledge of the local market to your investment benefit.

Property Management Realtors In Gainesville

If you own rental property, you know the importance of effective property management. It reduces tenant turnover with regular maintenance and repairs and courteous customer service. Rabell Realty Group's property management service includes establishing fair market rental value; collecting deposits, fees, and rent; move-in and move-out inspections; and more. As full-service property managers, we handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy a reliable investment year after year.

Professional Photography For Gainesville Real Estate

The first impression a home or property makes on a potential buyer or investor can be the difference between a quick sale or a drawn-out process. One way to prevent this is by having professional photos taken of the home or property. Yes, smartphones are great for snapping a few photos. But professional Gainesville real estate photography goes beyond pressing a button.

Framing, lighting, and staging are three words you'll know in and out when working with our professional photographer. Framing starts by deciding what's the best angle to show off a room to heighten its appeal and charm. Lighting combines natural and artificial light sources to show the home in its — literal — best light. Then finally, furniture, props, and other key elements are arranged, or staged, to create a welcoming ambiance.

The goal of any photograph is to instantly allow prospective buyers or investors to picture themselves there. Contact Rabell Realty Group to learn more about our professional photography services!

Gainesville Realtors For Everyone

Whether you’re needing to sell your first home or are interested in adding to a real estate portfolio, Rabell Realty Group are the Gainesville realtors for everyone! Our belief centers on helping our customers achieve their goal in every transaction by using our knowledge of and experience in the Gainesville real estate market. To find out why we're the realtors residents turn to for the homes for sale in Gainesville, contact Rabell Realty Group today!