Quick 6: Angela Doughty

Quick 6: Angela Doughty

Real estate is a fast-paced industry but here at Rabell Realty Group we make the time to get to know our clients. To get things started, we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Angela was one of the first Realtors® to join the team, way back in January of 2016, when Rabell Realty Group first opened its doors. We recently sat down with Angela Doughty and really dug into what makes her super in the real estate industry:

Why real estate?

There are a lot of aspects that I like about real estate. The initial reason I got involved is because I have a strong interest in investment properties and homes and thought that getting my license would be a good way to start to learn as much as I could about it.

Well I have a lot of experience working one on one with people, people who have a vision, whether it is artistic or building something.  So I have a good amount of experience helping people bring those things to life and really enjoy the one on one. Video interviews not so much (laughs)

Favorite children’s book?

I really love Rovers’ — I think it’s called the monster at the end of the book. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that but it’s cool because it’s interactive and reading it is just as much fun as having it be read to you. So i read that to my kids all the time, I love that book

Why Rabell Realty Group?

Well, I met Rebecca at the school our kids went to at the time and I always really admired how much she loved her work. She seemed like she was always having fun. So long story short, I gave her a call and I’m glad I did.

Favorite food?

Cheese, I could eat cheese all day, every day. Stinky cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, any kind of cheese.

Real Estate Superpower?

I think i’m good at seeing the potential in things. So if something’s a little run-down or something’s small, I think i’m pretty good at finding ways to make it work. 

What motivates you?

My family motivates me. My supportive friends, my team, happy customers and just reminding myself of all the possibilities.

Watch the interview here:

Where art meets real estate is where you'll find #rabellrealtygroup's Angela Doughty. A gifted sculptor, painter, & graphic designer - Angela's 20+ years as a career artist deeply influence her approach to real estate - both as a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. To learn more about this multi-talented Realtor®, check out her blog 'The Notable Nest': https://notablenest.com/ or give her a call at (352) 514-1408.

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