How to Improve Curb Appeal

How to Improve Curb Appeal

If you are trying to sell your home in Gainesville, you probably know the importance of making a good first impression on prospective buyers. You might have started vacuuming the floor, clearing out cabinets and deep-cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. But why delay people’s satisfaction to when they step inside if you could have them in awe of your home from the moment they pull into the driveway? Improve your curb appeal and let home tours start strong with these tips from Gainesville realtors.




Sell Your Home Faster With Higher Curb Appeal

Rejuvenate Porch Furniture

Chairs, tables, rocking chairs and swings can sit on lawns and porches for years, collecting dirt, mold, bird droppings, rust and body oils that add years to their appearance. If you focus solely on their functionality and neglect their appearance, these detail pieces can diminish the look of your home’s entrance or yard. Revitalize them by washing them with water and/or a mild cleanser, making sure the chemicals in them will not ruin their paint or coating. You could also give them a fresh coat of paint or gloss or decorate them with vibrant cushions.

Focus on Your Front Door

The door is another element that many people forget to clean or maintain often despite how crucial it is to homes. If your visitors or potential home buyers are distracted walking up to your home through your driveway, yard or porch, they will most likely start paying close attention when they reach your front door. Don’t let a dirty, old or damaged door ruin the first impression. Fixes could be as simple as repainting it, polishing it or just scrubbing it spotless. Moreover, if you want to protect your door from damage or give it maintenance less frequently, you could install a storm door. A pane of tempered glass keeps the attention on your clean front door and is nearly invisible from afar.

Show Off Your Landscaping Skills

Unmowed lawns, overgrown or dry grass and unpruned bushes and trees can make your home look unkempt. Trimming your plants can make your landscape look neat and symmetrical and hint to potential buyers that you have probably taken good care of the rest of your house. Don’t forget to blast dirt from your driveway and any walkway you might have in your yard. You could use something simple like a broom or,  for better results, a power washer. If you don’t have time yourself, hire a residential landscaping company for a quick sprucing.

Get Rid of Rust & Grime

Pay attention to areas of your house that you do not clean often. You may be overlooking grime that can accumulate between the siding of your walls or the posts of a fence, for example. Although this dirt may not be noticeable from afar, it could unconsciously make your home appear dull. If you give these parts of your home a deep clean, you will notice the difference and brighten up your home’s facade. You could do it old-school style with a bucket and sponge or save time with a hose or high-pressure water sprayer. To fix corroded fences or other metallic fixtures, use a brush and a coat of commercial rust converter or neutralizer.

Make Things Match

When decorating the inside and outside of your home, be aware of the color you use and how you combine them. From the paint on your walls to furniture, cushions, carpets, curtains and ornaments, staying within a chosen color scheme can make your home look effortlessly classy and put together. On the contrary, too many hues or clashing colors could overwhelm the eye of a potential buyer or make a room look tacky. Keep this in mind for small details too, such as metal accents. Making your doorknobs, hinges, house numbers, wall-mounted lights, mail slots and other metallic fixtures match in color adds consistency and reduces sloppiness. You could spray paint them for an easy, inexpensive fix.

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