How to Get a Bedroom That Will Sell Your Home

How to Get a Bedroom That Will Sell Your Home

Bedrooms are a crucial element that will strongly influence people’s opinions of your home. Potential buyers want to see bedrooms that project comfort and relaxation, so if yours is full of items that make it look like a storage unit or work station, it may be time for major changes. Aside from maintaining the basic requirements — simplicity and tidiness — incorporating a few touches of luxury can make a great impression on prospective buyers. Here are some modifications to the master bedroom that can significantly help to sell your home in Gainesville.

Clean & Declutter

The most basic task you can do to improve the appeal of a room is strip it down to the essentials. Deep clean the room and clear all clutter, leaving nothing on the floor other than furniture and nothing on furniture surfaces. Remove the television, family photos and all personal items. The emptier the room, the bigger it appears and the more space potential buyers have to envision their belongings and personal touches in it.

Be Selective With Furniture

As a general guideline, remove all furniture except the bed, bedside tables and a dresser. Keep a couple of chairs only if the bedroom is particularly large and fits a sitting area. It’s important to provide easy access to windows and plenty of space for visitors to walk around the room. If you’re not sure about which items should be kept, replaced or added, contact a design-build company to help you with bedroom remodels in Gainesville. Professionals can recommend pieces appropriate for the room’s dimensions and style. For instance, you may have enough space for a contemporary fitted wardrobe that, besides serving as an attractive piece of furniture, could add plenty of storage room, which is at the top of most buyers lists of priorities.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Before selling your home, make sure the rooms are painted with calm, neutral colors. The point is to create an almost-blank canvas that won’t clash with the buyer’s personal style. Beiges, greys and off-white shades such as eggshell, ivory and alabaster are safe, relaxing choices for a bedroom. You can mix in one or two hues for decorative purposes, but limit the room’s color palette to only a handful of colors.

Stage the Room

Staging is one of the most important steps toward selling a home, and adding simple but luxurious elements that attract buyers doesn’t have to cost the world. Simple tasks like hanging some artwork on the wall, placing matching lamps on bedside tables, throwing down rugs or other textured fabrics and bringing in small houseplants can upgrade a room from boring to lush.

Dress Up the Bed

The bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom. Invest in a headboard to make it look more elegant, a nice set of sheets and duvet and a bedskirt to cover the box spring. Decorate it with throw pillows and textured fabrics. Move it to an ideal position, which is usually against the longest wall, opposite the door and with room for traffic around each side of the bed. Be wary of beds that are too large because they can make rooms look smaller. A queen-sized bed is generally a safe option.

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