Home Gutter Maintenance in Gainesville

Home Gutter Maintenance in Gainesville

This week we’ll be talking about gutters! In Florida - specifically this week in "Rainsville" - the rain is constant, and if your drainage system isn’t working, it’ll be a recipe for disaster. Water is heavier than you may think and a lot of it pooled together on your roof or around the foundation can cause leakages or cave-ins. While you can probably hire someone to fix a lot of your maintenance issues, having the know-how to fix your own home will be really handy in case of emergencies. So grab your ladder, gloves, maybe a trowel and a Plumber’s Snake Tool if you’re noticing some particularly bad blockages.

Remove Debris

The buildup of dirt, leaves, twigs and whatever else may fall from the sky can clog up your gutters. Pick a spot to begin and set up your ladder. Clear everything easily within reach, do not stretch! Extended yourself in any way on a ladder can lead to falling. Once the spot around you is clear, move the ladder and clear the next space. When all the clutter is gone, run some water through the system to flush out all the fine bits you couldn’t get. If you hate doing this, then look into buying leaf guards. They will stop any debris from entering your gutters in the first place.

What If The Gutter Won’t Drain?

This will take a bit of sleuthing. If the gutter itself won’t drain then the downspout may be what’s clogged. The downspout is the part that travels from your roof to your wall, vertically, it’s where all the water that collects from your roof and the rain drains out to the ground and away from your foundation. Your best option is to remove the downspout and use a hose nozzle or the plumber’s snake tool to clear the blockage. Push either tool from the bottom of the spout upwards until it’s clear. Reattach your downspout and flush out the gutter to check if that was the issue. If water is still not coming out of the right place, then that means the underground pipe is what’s clogged.

Repairing Your Gutter

If your gutter isn’t draining into the downspout, there may be leaks elsewhere. To repair leaks in the endcaps, clean the area, and you can use gutter sealant along the inside. If the seam is leaking, add sealant on the inside and outside of the joints. If the gutter material itself is leaking, you can get a gutter repair kit from your local hardware store. If the gutter material is beyond what a repair kit can cover, then you may need to begin budgeting to replace them entirely.

If your gutter is hanging away from your home or sagging out of shape, then you will need to replace the gutter hangers. They are about $10 for a pack at your closest hardware store. Before heading out, it’s recommended that you snap a picture of your current hangers, so you know the exact kind to replace them with. For this next part, you will need a drill. Mark on your gutter where the hanger will sit. If it’s where the previous hanger sat then you may need a slightly larger screw to secure it tightly in place. Drill small holes into the gutter lip, as many as your hangers need. Install the screw through the ferrule, drive the screw/spike through and then install your hangers. That’s it!

Home Gutter Maintenance in Gainesville, FL