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Open Houses in Gainesville, FL Every weekend can be like a Parade of Homes.

If you’re like us, you love to look at houses and unfortunately the Parade of Homes comes but twice a year. The next best thing is open houses! Browse through below for some open houses in Gainesville, FL or click the button to view them all. Each listing will have the date and time of the open house.

Not sure how to go about attending an open house? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Simply fill out the form on a listing and one of our agents will be happy to take you to some open houses and help you find something that fits your needs.

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So how do open houses work anyway?

Glad you asked. Open houses are a venue for prospective buyers to tour homes at their own pace, take pictures and video (ask first!) and jot down notes. They’re also an opportunity for Lookie Lous to poke around and ask off-topic questions, which all adds to the fun.

Open houses are hosted by a listing agent, a listing agent’s associate, or a homeowner. This person greets buyers and answers questions about the property and the surrounding area.

If you like the house, contact your own buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent will then set up a private showing to see the home again, or  — in a hot market — they’ll submit an offer right away. Your agent knows the market well and can help you make the right offer.

What are the benefits of attending an open house?

No scheduling required: You don’t need to set up an appointment to see an open house. Simply show up during the listed hours and view the home at your own pace. If you love the house and want to see it one more time, you can ask your buyer’s agent to set up a private tour with the listing agent.

Understanding home values in your desired area: If you’re just starting out in your search, an open house can be helpful in seeing what you can buy within your budget.

Narrowing down your search: This one is obvious — attending an open house gives a better idea of the home’s condition. You can also get a sense of a home’s potential, if you’re in the market for a home that needs a little TLC.

Checking out the competition: An open house is a great way to gauge the level of interest in the house and should inform your sense of urgency. If the open house is well attended and the people in attendance are wielding checklists and plying the listing agent with (relevant) questions, chances are good that one of those people is going to make an offer.

What to expect from the listing agent

The person who greets you at the door may not be the listing agent. It’s best to ask. A busy listing agent may ask one of their associates to host the open house, and that person may not be as familiar with the individual home.

If the home is for sale by owner (FSBO), the homeowner will be hosting the open house. They will know everything about the house, but may not be experts on the local market.

Wear your poker face when dealing with a listing agent. Try not to reveal information that could compromise your negotiating position, like your budget or how much you love the house.

If you’re dealing with the homeowner, on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to show genuine interest and affection for the property, as the owner may have sentimental attachments to their home sweet home.

If the listing agent or their associate seems disengaged, that could be a sign that the agent is just going through the motions so they can tell their client they held an open house. If this is the case, don’t get too attached to the home and remain flexible in your search.

Can I ask the listing agent questions?

Of course! An open house is often the fastest way to get answers to questions about the property and the community. Here are some questions that aren’t typically answered by reading a home listing:

  • Why is the owner selling and how motivated are they to sell?
  • Have there been any recent renovations or updates?
  • Are there HOA restrictions?
  • What are the local schools like?

You want to leave the open house feeling that you have enough information to make a well-informed decision. But save the more in-depth questions about financing or the purchase process for your own buyer’s agent. And try not to take up a huge chunk of the agent’s time.

Which brings us to our next tip…

Do some research beforehand

Ideally, you will have already conducted some research on the market and the neighborhood before attending open houses in a particular area. Better yet, you’ll have discussed what you have in mind for your home purchase with a buyer’s agent who is an expert on the local market and community. Do you want to live near a farmer’s market or be able to walk to coffee? Then you may prefer to live near Haile Plantation, Celebration Pointe, or in Downtown Gainesville.

Gainesville Farmers Market
Is there a farmer’s market nearby? Can you walk to coffee? Get answers to these and any other burning questions you may have about the neighborhood by attending an open house

Check for damage and disrepair

If you can easily spot damage to the home, it might be an indication that there are serious structural problems with the house that may not be worth your while.

Water damage: Look for uneven floors, warped baseboards, ceiling stains and moldy smells.

Cracks in ceiling and walls: Visible cracks in the ceiling or drywall could indicate issues with the foundation.

Windows: Flaking paint and misaligned sashes could be signs that windows need replacement.

Professionally edited photos can make a home look better than it is in person. Now is your chance to closely evaluate the home.

If you’re on a tight budget in a hot market, you may be ready to buy a home that needs renovations, or the home may be advertised as such. As you tour the home, make notes of urgent renovations needs, like floors, windows, or large repainting projects.

New construction homes may have different rules

New construction communities may require you to visit the showroom or sales office with your agent the first time you tour the property. If you are interested in a new construction home or condo, let your agent take the lead in scheduling the showing. New construction real estate transactions can be tricky, so having an experienced agent is a must.

Getting ready for your first open house in Gainesville

Attending your first open house shouldn’t be stressful, but it does help to be prepared and dress to make a good impression. You don’t need to dress like you’re going to a job interview, but bringing your business casual A-game can help you look like a serious buyer.

If you don’t know the neighborhood, plan to arrive a bit earlier to give yourself time to find the property. The open house is an opportunity to see a home’s inside and exterior, but it can also help you decide if the surrounding neighborhood is a good fit for you. You can peruse our guide to Gainesville to get a good sense of the range of communities and amenities the city offers. (We’ve also written a guide to the Best Breweries in Gainesville for the beer lovers out there.)

Open House Etiquette Tips

Do give the host your agent’s card if you are represented but are attending alone.

Do give other visitors space by waiting from them to exit a room before your enter.

Don’t take photos or videos without asking.

Don’t use the bathroom, even if there is no one currently living in the home.

What if I can’t make the open house?

If you’re unavailable on the day of an open house, your buyer’s agent may be able to book a private tour.

With Rabell, you can always request a private showings by clicking the Tour in Person button or Tour via Video Chat, if available, on any home or condo listing. Hope this information helps, and happy house hunting!

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