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Tips On Selling A Home In Gainesville

With so many homes for sale in Gainesville, how can a seller make theirs stand out and sell quickly? Along with working with the real estate professionals at Rabell Realty Group, it often comes down to the planning done before listing ...

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Kid-Friendly Activities Around Gainesville & North Central, FL

If you're wondering what to do now that the kids are home for the Summer, check out the list below, curated by our very own Realtor® mom extraordinaire Angela Doughty, for some ...

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How to Get a Bedroom That Will Sell Your Home

Bedrooms are a crucial element that will strongly influence people’s opinions of your home. Potential buyers want to see bedrooms ...

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Home Gutter Maintenance in Gainesville

This week we’ll be talking about gutters! In Florida - specifically this week in "Rainsville" - the rain is constant, and if your drainage system isn’t working, it’ll be a recipe for disaster. Water is heavier than you may think and ...

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The Goodwood House - Archer, FL

In 1872, a team of mules hauled native, 400-year-old Longleaf Pine down to the local sawmill, and then back to the land where it grew to construct what would first be used as a boarding house. Over the years, and only two owners later, it has transformed into ...

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