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National Random Act of Kindness Day – Feb. 17

National Random Act of Kindness Day

Today is a special day in the world, it’s National Random Act of Kindness Day! So with that we took a list sent to us by Oak Hall School located in Gainesville, Florida that shares a few ideas on how YOU can brighten someones day with random acts. Take a look and tell us how you like to spread the love. My favorite is randomly buying coffees for my friends.

Coffee with friends at Disney!

Invite someone new to eat lunch with you.

Tell a teammate or colleague what you appreciate about them.

Help a friend with a task they are trying to complete.

Compliment at least 5 people. (Be original)

Let the person in line behind you go ahead of you.

Leave happy notes around town.

Sit next to someone who is sitting alone at lunch.

Help a neighbor take out the trash or assist with a yard project.

Write your siblings a note about how much you appreciate them.

Write a note for someone who does great work and doesn’t always get noticed.

Leave a thank you note in the mailbox addressed to the mailman. 

Send a card to someone serving in the military.

Hold the door open for someone.

Do a chore without being asked.

Bake your favorite cookies for a neighbor.

Donate warm coats or blankets to the homeless shelter.

Call your grandparents.

Clean up the classroom for your teacher.

Donate gently used toys to a charity.

Smile at everyone you see.

Pick up trash you may see on campus or around your neighborhood.

Commit time to help volunteer in your community.

Tell your children/parents thank you for being you!

Create your own!

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