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Design Trends for 2021

Let’s talk design trends. We have seen a lot of home updates and remodels over the course of this pandemic. It’s allowed people to actually take the time to update that kitchen backsplash they’ve been meaning to get to. We put together a few trends we are loving for 2021. 

Earth Tones: The leading paint manufacturers are predicting bold earth tones, not to be confused with neutrals. Incorporate colors like chocolate brown, wine, and navy into your home. If you are someone who is afraid to do bold, a lot of these tones have muted options. Try a dusty green for a little pop of color. 

Mixed Metals: This was a very popular trend in 2020 and will carry into 2021. This trend can be done in any room. If you are using mixed metals in the kitchen , you can do a gold faucet  for your kitchen sink, but then do stainless steel appliances and fixtures. Be creative with mixing metals and avoid mixing more than 3 types in one room, this may be too overwhelming. 

Biophilla: Yes, this is a new word for us too. It means taking a holistic approach to design. Think: bring nature inside. Design experts are seeing an uptick in design requests for water, greenery, natural light, and elements such as wood and stone. These designs are not only esoterically pleasing, they can also reduce stress and improve cognitive function and creativity.

Bold Tile: Geometric patterns look great on the floor or the wall. You can choose something minimalist or something bold, either way these tiles look great paired with simple matte white tiles. We are also seeing the square subway tile trend in a lot of homes. To make these pop, design experts are suggesting you pair these tiles with a darker grout. 

70s Curves: Yes, it’s making a comeback, but with a modern twist. Furniture and fixtures with curves bring a soft and comfortable element to the room. Curves pair well with geometric designs making a truly interesting space. 

We can’t wait to see what else is popular in the new year when it comes to design. If you try any of these trends, please share a photo with us! We love seeing before and after photos. Time to get creative!  

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