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Category: Home Buying

    Good Mortgage News for First-Time Homebuyers

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | March 7, 2023

    For buyers with affordability concerns, we have some good mortgage news to share. Both the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Affairs (VA) have announced reductions in their financing fees for their mortgage programs. Read on to learn how these loan programs work and how much you could be saving! FHA Reduces Mortgage Insurance Premium The... Read More

    Happy April 2022.

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | April 1, 2022

    Ok so we get it, rates are going up but they are still at historic lows and it is still a great time to buy a home! So with that…..reach out to us to get started! 352-559-8820 or and call Michael Williams with Advisors Mortgage to get pre approved 352-642-5111 Search for available... Read More

    Tips from a Gainesville Mortgage Lender on Making Your Offer Stand Out (and More)

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | January 27, 2022

    We sat down with trusted local mortgage lender Marc Spiwak at Advisors Mortgage Group to get his thoughts on the current state of mortgage lending, how to make your offer stand out in a seller’s market crowded with qualified buyers, rising federal interest rates, new condo financing guidelines, and more. Mark has been originating loans... Read More

    What Is a Homebuyer Education Class (And Do I Need It)?

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | October 13, 2021

    Taking a first-time homebuyer class is by no means a prerequisite to qualifying for a mortgage and buying a home. However, some lenders offer perks to borrowers who have completed a first-time homebuyer class. And if you’re planning on applying for down payment assistance programs, some of them require it. Fannie Mae’s HomeReady program drequires... Read More

    What Is a Property Survey (and Why Is It Important)?

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | August 19, 2021

    When you’re on the hunt for a new house or plot of land, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding your dream home. You’re likely more focused on the neighborhood, the schools, and the property’s unique features. However, there’s one crucial step that you don’t want to overlook: a property survey.... Read More

    6 Mortgage Mistakes Newbie Homebuyers Make (and How to Avoid Them)

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | July 28, 2021

    Mortgage mistakes happen to the best of us. This article outlines the six most common ones, so you can give them the slip on your way to buying your dream home. If you’ve never applied for a mortgage loan before, don’t be afraid of the process. When you know what’s involved and what to be... Read More

    How to Transfer Your Florida Homestead Exemption (the Right Way) When You Move

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | June 23, 2021

    A homeowner asks, “How do I go about cancelling a homestead exemption if I have moved into a residence that already has a homestead exemption?” This is a great question! You actually do not want to cancel your homestead exemption, but rather port, or partially transfer it to your new Florida homestead. By doing so,... Read More

    June is National Homeownership Month

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | June 16, 2021

    June is National Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate the benefits that homeownership brings to families, neighborhoods, and communities in Florida and across the country! “Every day, Realtors promote housing opportunities and help people realize their dreams of homeownership,” says 2021 Florida Realtors President Cheryl Lambert. “Opening the door to homeownership helps families find security... Read More

    7 Things to Consider When Searching for a New Home

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | March 2, 2021

    It is our privilege to introduce guest writer Teresa Bennett. Teresa just bought a home and is here to share some of the things she wished she knew at the beginning of her home-buying journey! We all get swept up in the excitement of searching for a new home, but have you stopped to consider... Read More

    Home Refinancing FAQ

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | January 15, 2021

    Do you want to buy but still owe on your home? It may be a good idea to refinance in order to do so. We put together a few questions that are important to ask before you take the next steps: What is the maximum loan we can take out on our current home? Will... Read More