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Monthly Archives: May 2020


    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | May 12, 2020

    It’s the season of love, which means extra trips to the car wash. Every summer between in months of April and May and August through September, these pesky lovebugs swarm the sky. These insects took a vacation to Florida in the 1940s and unfortunately, will never be packing their bags again.  What are lovebugs? They... Read More

    Gardening 101

    By Kristen Rabell and Rebecca Johnson | May 4, 2020

    If you’re like some, having a green thumb does not come naturally. We created an easy step by step guide to gardening that anyone can follow! Get ready to enjoy the best tasting fruits, veggies, and herbs. This is also a fun activity to do while social distancing.  1.)  DECIDE WHAT TO GROW-Don’t grow something... Read More