Brooke is no newcomer to Florida or to the Real Estate market here in Alachua and the surrounding counties. She is a 9th generation Floridian and loves the state, and Gainesville, more than anywhere else she has been (and trust us she’s been everywhere). Her father is a contractor and she grew up familiar with building and remodeling site visits. She earned her very first scar by stepping on a rusty nail taken from an old home on the Suwannee River, so you can say she has blood equity in the local real estate market. Her stepmother was a Realtor and appraiser. Brooke would often take many days off in high school to shadow her, intently listening and learning everything she could. After Brooke’s grandparents retired from real estate and 45 years of success, she decided it was finally her time to shine. She started off her journey with the knowledge and know-how to produce well thought out offers and also give recommendations for top licensed insurance agents, contractors, mortgage brokers, title companies and movers. Brooke’s entire life has been gearing towards getting her ready to provide you with full service and an easy transition into your new home.

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