10 Things to Do Outside (at your Home)

10 Things to Do Outside (at your Home)

Summer is here and you know what that means: fighting boredom and heat. Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or find something to do on your staycation, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 10 ideas for outdoor activities you can do right in your own yard:


The inside of your home was furnished and decorated by you, is constantly cleaned by you, and is probably the place you store a fair amount of your valuables. So when playing rowdy games, take it outside! Hand down all the fun little games of your playground days to your children or for gatherings with your friends, invent a version that incorporates your favorite tasty beverages. There’s Tag, Red Rover, 4-Square, Duck-Duck-Goose, I Spy and so many more that can be enjoyed right at home.

Game Ideas From Rabell Realty Group

Do Some Photography With Rabell Realty Group


Whether you have the highest quality DSLR camera or just your simple camera phone, try viewing the world from a new perspective. Step one? Go outside. Step two: think about angles. Pretend you’re an ant or a worm and get a view of your favorite tree or flowers. Have you ever thought about what your rosebush looks like from above? Or if you’re brave, from the inside (but really that’s not safe, there are thorns)? While you’re out there you may blend in enough to get an up close shot of a mama duck and her train of ducklings. With all forms of art, practice makes perfect. Your one day of staving off boredom could turn into a lifelong, peaceful hobby. 


Head on over to your nearest Lowe’s, Home Depot or even Wal-Mart! Gardening is a long-term project that has a beautiful, or delicious, pay off if you stick with it. Your journey towards earning a green thumb will also leave you more knowledgeable about plant types, what lives in your garden, and give you a newfound appreciation for the fauna around you. You can focus on attracting butterflies, growing herbs, growing vegetables, or flowers, which will you choose?

Garden Lovin' Ideas From Rabell Realty Group

Create A Bird Feeder With Rabell Realty Group

Make a bird feeder

Birds are funny little creatures and can be quite entertaining to watch, especially for your kids. This little craft project can bring you and your little ones closer to nature. Watch little eyes fill with wonder as they witness birds feeding from something they made. There are 100s of different designs you can choose from, and except for the bird feed you may have all the materials right in your home. 

Chase butterflies

Did we mention that Gainesville is the Nation’s first Butterfly City? We were recognized by the Butterfly Education Project for the Butterfly Rainforest at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History. But there are butterflies everywhere around Gainesville for you to chase; having a butterfly garden out front of your house also makes it more likely to attract these little friends. They’re small, quick, and very light. The slightest breeze could send them flying but flying is their forte.

Chase Some Butterflies in the First Butterfly City, Gainesville FL

Cool Off This Summer With Water Games In Gainesville, FL

Water Games

If you don’t have any NERF guns at home you can settle for the spray bottles you have sitting around.  Throw in a slip n’ slide to get those cool sliding shots your inner 007 craves. It’s a good way to cool off during the summer’s heat waves.

Watch the sunrise/sunset

Watching the sunset, at least time-wise, is always easier than watching the sunrise but the peace of early mornings is always worth it. Plus, it’s summer break, you can just go back to sleep afterwards right?

Watch The Sunset From Your Gainesville, FL Home

Scavenger Hunt Ideas By Rabell Realty Group

Scavenger Hunt

This one is a two-parter for fun. The first part is picking places to seek or hide things. Write riddles and limericks vaguely describing the location where your adventurers will find the next clue. The second part is doing the scavenger hunt! It promotes critical thinking and is always very entertaining watching people figure out your work.

Time Capsule

What will life be like in 5 years from now? 10 years? Take pictures of yourself wearing your favorite clothes. Put in copies of your favorite books or movies. Gather the remnants of your best memories and when you’re done, then you can find a capsule big enough to fit it all. You can build your own or probably buy one from Amazon. If your memories are small enough, a tupperware container is more than enough! Next, just pick a place that holds good memories and bury your time capsule. Just don’t forget to check it once the time has gone by! Making a Time Capsule is a fun activity for a day now and can create wonderful nostalgia 5, 10, or even 20 years in the future!

Create A Time Capsule Full Of Gainesville, FL, Summer Memories

Watch The Clouds Roll By In Your Gainesville, FL Backyard

Watch Clouds

For those days where you really don’t feel like doing much, watching clouds is the activity for you. Go to a wide open space where you have an open view of the sky, you can bring blankets if you don’t want to lay in the grass. Sitting upright can put a strain on your neck so the best way to watch clouds for an extended amount of time is definitely laying on your back. Now this is also a bit of a social activity and the bigger the imaginations around you the better the experience will be. What may look like a frog to you could be a dragon guarding, or rescuing, a princess to your friend or kids. The possibilities of shapes and stories are endless.

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