10 Signs It's Time to Move to a New Neighborhood

When you move into a neighborhood, you probably aren’t thinking about the possibility of outgrowing the area. But as your family and life change, sometimes the neighborhood around you doesn’t keep up (though no fault of its own). The Gainesville Realtors at Rabell Realty Group has heard all the reasons why the neighborhood you moved into as a young adult may not be your retirement neighborhood.

How To Know It’s Time to Move

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

Even after you finally got the furniture arranged in your first home, it still seemed spacious. So now, several years later, where did that space go? Whether your family has grown or your personal possessions have, your current home might not be able to keep up. If this is the case, an Arbor Greens home for sale would provide more needed space for your life.

You Spend More Time Commuting Than Working

Even if you’ve developed a pattern for your morning commutes, including catching up on your favorite podcasts with coffee, the time still adds up. Though the average commute for Gainesville residents was around 16 minutes each day in 2013, it could be much longer depending on where your work is located. Many people choose to move closer to work by looking through houses for sale in Gainesville.

Your Current Home Has Outgrown Your Life

A large home was wonderful when the kids were at home — everyone had space, and there were rarely arguments over getting in the bathroom in the mornings. But now there are more empty rooms than kids in the home that need cleaned and maintained. Downsizing allows empty-nesters to give their attention to more than keeping the dust bunnies at bay.

You Can’t Maneuver In Your Home

Aches and pains often don’t gel with stairs and other aspects of our homes as we age. Though it’s easy to grow attached to your home, safety should be foremost. A single level home or one with an open layout may provide more accommodation as you age.

Yard Work Rules Your Weekend

Your idea of a relaxing weekend has never included yard work. Many condos and townhouses for sale in residential developments have a homeowners association (HOA) to provide basic or even full-service landscaping. This service could help you regain your relaxing weekends.

You’d Rather Be A Homeowner Than Renter

Renting is great for people who move frequently or aren’t ready for the financial and physical commitment buying a home requires. But for those who are, once you’ve saved the down payment, homes for sale in Haile Plantation could be an option. Buying a home is a smart investment as you’ll be building equity rather than paying a landlord each month. We can help you make the transition from renter to owner throughout Gainesville and Alachua County.  

The Kids Have To Commute To School

Your commute to work may have a stop at the coffee pot before heading to your home office. The kids, however, have a much longer commute to school. It could be time to say goodbye to the neighborhood where your family started and find one of the homes for sale in Gainesville, FL closer to the best schools for your children.  

Nobody But You Can Design Your Home

It’s not that you don’t like your current home, but you’ve never been head-over-heels in love with it. As time has gone on, you’ve found yourself mentally changing this part or adding this nook while overhauling this room. This could be a sign it’s time to start designing and building your home elsewhere.

Current Home Isn’t Budget Friendly

If your home needs serious renovations to the insulation and HVAC systems, but you lack aspirations to spend the needed money on such a project, it could be time to start browsing Gainesville real estate options. A more energy-efficient home could save you money quicker than you realize, making the move cost effective.

Relationship Changes

Relationship changes require more than just a status update — often your living arrangements are in jeopardy. Many home purchases are related to marriage or divorce, depending on the need to add space or downsize.

Let Rabell Realty Group Find Your New Home

No matter the reason for your move, the Gainesville Realtors at Rabell Realty Group are here to help you find your new perfect home. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for in a new home or new neighborhood, or attend an open house with one of our representatives and find out why so many are choosing to #BuySellRentRabell.