Born and raised in Florida, Mia LaDuke has experience in both Florida's coastal and country life. A tomboy by nature, Mia was a competitive horseback rider throughout her childhood and still enjoys riding whenever the opportunity arises today. Having moved to Gainesville from Loxhatchee in her early teens, Mia considers herself a "townie" despite relocating to Panama City Beach from 2012 to 2014 to soak up the area's waves & white-sand beaches. Mia ultimately returned to Gainesville for its abundance in culture, her many friends/family members in the area and to focus on a building a career in real estate. Mia's success as a Realtor® is based on combining her innate relationship-building talents with the unlimited potential in business. When Mia's not out showing property, you will probably find her at the beach, reading or working out.