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Things to Do in Gainesville

When it comes to buying or selling a home, there’s a lot to consider before taking the plunge. Especially in a bustling town like ...

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Tips Regarding Restoration Contractors

If you have never experienced some type of damage to your property (a flooded home from a broken pipe, tree or wind damage from inclement weather, a dryer fire, etc.) during your lifetime ...

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4 Misunderstandings About Hiring a Mover

Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, the decision to move from the place you have been acclimated to for months or even years brings with it mixed emotions, ranging from excitement to ...

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How to Know Your Market — And Why You Need To Know It

One of the first things any real estate investor looks at is a property's market. Consider it the landscape, but as with any landscape, an investment property's market is filled ...

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What Makes Up Your Credit Score

As of 2014, the average household income in Gainesville is $58,187.

In 2015, Kelley Blue Book said the average price of a new car is over $33,000.

And today, the median listing price of a home in Gainesville is $219,000.

So how do people buy homes and cars while taking care of their day-to-day living expenses?

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